Mystabis – What is it?

Mystabis is a real pressurized metered dose inhaler pMDI (“asthma can”) charged with natural extracts of cannabis. All components (can, valve, propellant, etc.) are of pharmaceutical grade coming from the same sources that produce pharmaceutical inhalers. Currently, there are several different strains available originating from natural concentrates.

Mystabis is different. The aerosol sprayed from the product is coarser than smoke or vape so you get more cannabinoids per a puff than from a “joint” or e-cig. Very little of the product (~5%) dissipates or is exhaled, allowing you to medicate without exposing others to significant second hand aerosol. However, you will feel the medicine in the central lung and your throat. If this is uncomfortable, try using a spacer or “dose holding chamber.” If you get a model with a mask, inhaling the aerosol through the nose is particularly satisfying. Some online stores will ship directly to you:

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Mystabis was created by a team of respiratory drug delivery experts specifically experienced in compounding and designing several respiratory drugs such as inhaled insulin, lung surfactant therapy for premature babies, antibiotics, antifungals, live viruses, peptides for oncology and the typical asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Cannabis presents a unique challenge with over 85 active compounds found in cannabis with an entourage effect. Different strains have different medicinal effects due to the different set of compounds. With Mystabis being a consistent, clean delivery platform, we feel confident we are providing you with the best inhaled medical cannabis possible.




What should I tell my doctor before using the Mystabis Inhaler?

You should only use Mystabis if you have a Doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis. You should have an open dialogue with you doctor regarding your use of Mystabis. Please feel free to show your doctor the Mystabis inhaler.

What are the ingredients in the Mystabis Inhaler?

All components are of pharmaceutical grade from the aluminum can to the propellant (HFA-134a which is the exact same propellant used in inhalers throughout the world). A small amount of ethyl alcohol is in the product.

Is the Mystabis inhaler United States FDA approved?

No. We are unaware of any natural cannabis product that is endorsed or approved by the United States FDA.

Who should not use the Mystabis Inhaler?

Only qualified medical patients should use this product.

How do I clean the Mystabis Inhaler?

Use a clean, disposable wipe with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to sanitize the inhaler. Please allow inhaler to dry completely. For heavy soiling, soak in isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) for 30 minutes and again please allow inhaler to dry completely.

My inhaler is clogged or emptied too early. What do I do?

Boil some water. Pour the water into a cup or mug. Insert the lower half of the inhaler into the cup or mug for five seconds and fire off one puff. This should unclog the inhaler. If you are in a coffee shop or restaurant, some hot water or tea should suffice. To prevent clogging, please regularly clean your inhaler per instructions above. Do not heat inhaler over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

How many puffs are in the Mystabis Inhaler?

Mystabis comes in a 50, 100 and 200 puff sizes of the inhaler.

Is the Mystabis Inhaler refillable?



How many puffs on the Mystabis Inhaler are needed to feel the effect?

The amount of puffs needed depends on your personal tolerance of cannabis. Many factors weigh into this, i.e., weight, height, frequency of use (tolerance). Most people start with one puff. If the desired effect is not reached, our experience shows 1 to 2 additional puffs are sufficient to reach the desired effect.

How can I invest in the Mystabis inhaler?

Are you an SEC qualified investor? If so, please contact us at with “investment” in the subject.

How can I license Mystabis inhaler technology?

Please contact us at with the geographic territory you are interested in licensing our product in the header. Please note that Mystabis is only licensed in legal medical cannabis marketplaces.